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Mathieu Simeral is a graduate student in the Hafner Lab and a trainee in the Bioelectronics NSF Research Traineeship. He received his B.S. (2017) in Physics from Rice University.

In Prof. Jason Hafner’s group, Simeral studies the structure of lipid bilayers using surface-enhanced Raman scattering experiments and time-dependent density-functional theory computations.

As part of the Bioelectronics NRT, Simeral launched two interdisciplinary collaborations with students from the Biswal and Silberg groups. The first collaboration seeks to create the first magnetically assembled gold SERS-array. The second collaboration is developing a diagnostic test for brain trauma using ultra-sensitive SERS. Simeral also led the formation of a student-organized seminar series in bioelectronics.

SCOPUS ID (or ORCID):  57191434244

Research Areas

SERS, lipid bilayers, TDDFT, Au nanorods

Societies & Organizations

B.S. in Physics (2017), Rice University

Honors & Awards

Rice 360 Impact Award (2017) for contributions for point-of-care jaundice diagnostic tool BiliSpec

Robert A. Welch Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellowship (2018)