Frequently Asked Questions

What year of study do graduate students need to be to participate in this program?

We will be accepting applications from current doctoral students who have completed at least one year of study at Rice and plan to stay at Rice for at least two more years.

Can international students apply for the NRT?

Yes, all doctoral students are eligible to participate in the program. Financial support through the paid fellowship requires students to either be a US citizen or US permanent resident. International students may still participate in the training program on an unpaid fellowship basis.

How do I give permission to my department for sharing my graduate school application to the NRT program?

In the application form, please select "yes" to the question that asks whether you give permission to your graduate program to share your graduate school application materials with us. That allows us to directly request your application materials from your graduate program.

Should I request additional recommendation letters beyond the ones included in my graduate school application?

That is entirely up to you. While you can most certainly elect to only have the NRT Admissions Committee review the recommendation letters included in your graduate school application, you may also request to include recommendation letters from current research advisors, Rice faculty members, or other collaborators who can speak to your candidacy to participate in the program.

If I plan to include additional letters of recommendation beyond those appended to my graduate school application, how do my recommenders submit their letters?

Please have your recommenders send their letters of support to

When will the recipients of the bioelectronics traineeship be announced?

The NRT Admissions Committee aims to make final decisions by August 1.